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Nowadays, Windows traditional viewer is no longer compulsory for viewing pictures. Indeed, tools like Picture Viewer have been designed to view an image.

What are the key features of Picture Viewer?

  • Viewer: As its name suggests, Picture Viewer's main function is to read the user image files. It supports most video formats such as GIF, PNG, ICO, JPEG, TIFF, etc.
  • Editing: This software includes an image editor to change the color, contrast, and many others. With it, the user can edit the EXIF data. Concerning the viewing mode, the user can choose to view the images in their actual size or in full-screen mode.
  • Image manager: Apart from the basic functionality of an image viewer, Picture Viewer is featured with a photo manager to better manage them. In addition, it can perform multiple tasks such as copying, renaming, moving and deleting files.

Is it free?

This software is completely free of charge.

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