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With Caricature Studio, you can easily create hilarious portraits of your friends, relatives, or celebrities. Users can enjoy a wide range of effects and animate their images with no expert skill required.

What is Caricature Studio?

Caricature Studio is an image composition software that allows you to edit photos and images and create all kinds of caricatures. It provides all the essential editing components and features a simple but clean interface.

What are the key features of Caricature Studio?

  • When using Caricature Studio, users can stretch, shrink, expand, warp, or twist any picture.
  • Fake magazines are an attractive, fun feature. Users can have their picture on the cover of a famous magazine and furthermore can select from any magazine they want!
  • The Face swap feature allows users to remove the head or face of a person and then replace it with a different one. For example, you can choose to remove the face of a celebrity in a bikini and replace it with your own.
  • The application can also edit the picture and adjust the color size, contrast, sharpness, hue, etc. Cropping, rotating, and resizing is also possible and creating frames and borders.
  • Caricature Studio allows users to insert thought bubbles, talk bubbles, and text boxes in each caricature. It is integrated with a drag-and-drop option, layer support, template preview, clipart, and more.
  • Users can print their creations when finished editing.
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Is it free?

Caricature Studio is free to download and use.

Is it safe?

Yes, Caricature Studio is safe to use.

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