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Vignette is a full-featured camera app designed for photo enthusiasts who'd like to free up their imagination and work on their photographs by applying various filters and effects, like LOMO, sepia, blur, HDR, soft-focus, and by using different tools.

What are the key features of Vignette?

  • Hundreds of different filters: Use any filter and frame you want, from LOMO and Diana styles to Tri-X film and Ektachrome emulations.
  • Full resolution: Don't worry, when applying effects to your photos, you don't lose any resolution and the picture stays high-quality.
  • Different shooting modes: You can make photos with the app using various modes, such as self-timer, time-lapse, steady shot, plus 10x digital zoom, and many more.
  • Timestamps: You can add the time and date in a selection of colors and sizes to the photograph, as well as the location where the photo was taken, to keep the memories.
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How does Vignette work?

Vignette works as a digital camera with various effects and filters, so you can customize your photographs and make them real pieces of art.

Is Vignette free?

Vignette app costs $2.49.

Is Vignette safe?

Vignette doesn’t require an internet connection to process your pictures. So don’t worry, your photos stay on your device only, unless you decide to share them.

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