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  • Developer Ben McCarthy
  • Version 2
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

Obscura 2 is an independent camera app, designed by Ben McCarthy. Obscura adds pro features to your phone camera and modifies its interface with a stylish design. The app gives the impression of a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) to your photos.

What are the key features of Obscura 2?

  • Wide range of formats: thanks to Obscura 2, you can take photos in a variety of formats: RAW, HEIC, JPEG, Live Photo, and Depth.

  • Filters: enjoy different filters and packs, such as the Sepia filter, the Black & White filter pack, and the Analogue filter pack.
  • Pro features: to give your photos that pro touch, Obscura 2 offers you flash control, grids, shutter time, and a spirit level feature.
  • Ergonomy: to make the experience even better, the app offers you a control wheel for different camera options and quick adjustments (focus, exposure compensation, ISO, and shutter speed), as well as library tools to view your photos as you like. You can open Obscura 2 from a lock screen.
  • Metadata: this way you will get all the information about the photos in your library.
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How does Obscura 2 work?

As we said above, the ergonomy of this app is one of its biggest advantages. Once you purchase and install the app, you come to know it quickly. However, as it has some photography-specific vocabulary, you may want to do quick research on it beforehand.

Is it free?

You can get the Obscura 2 app for $4.99.

Is it safe?

Obscura has no history of security issues and it seems as safe as most Apple apps.

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