Best vaccine passport apps: Health Pass, Common Pass, etc

Best vaccine passport apps: Health Pass, Common Pass, etc

While the vaccine passport becomes a necessity to enter public spaces or go on a trip, developers are creating comprehensive and handy vaccine passport apps to hold your QR-code and comply with travel requirements worldwide. We gathered the most useful vaccine passport apps so you can pick one and install it on your smartphone to get back to normal life as soon as possible. Read on!

What is a vaccine passport?

Starting from 2020 when you leave the house, you don’t just think about not forgetting your keys, phone, and wallet, but also your mask and a QR code. The pandemic is not over yet, and many countries have introduced a COVID-19 certificate, the so-called vaccine passport. It is a paper and a digital document that proves that you’ve been fully vaccinated and you can access public places without the danger of contaminating other people or get contaminated by coronavirus yourself. There is already an EU vaccine passport that works on the European territory, NY vaccine passport Excelsior, and others. In this article, we’ll talk about the best vaccine passport apps.


Only for the British citizens

NHS is the official app created by the National Health Service in the UK. With it, you can not only link your digital vaccine passport with your account but also do lots of things. The NHS app lets you travel and present your vaccine pass, and also take care of your health daily on non-COVID-19 related matters: you can schedule a doctor’s appointment, request a medical prescription, and more. The only condition: you should be registered with a GP surgery in England.

Clear Health Pass

The best for travels to Hawaii and not only

Hawaii Vaccine Passport Clear Health Pass is one of the first USA vaccine passport apps. You can upload your vaccine certificate in the app and show it in the airport of Honolulu to skip Hawaii’s mandatory 10-day quarantine, for example. People who got their vaccines at Walmart, can also link their data with Clear Health Pass and use it to access stadiums and other public places in the US.

clear health pass
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NYS Excelsior

Only for the New Yorkers

The app specifically developed for New Yorkers, Excelsior Pass is a handy COVID-19 vaccine wallet where you can store your vaccine data or test results and use it to enter public places easily. It’s just a digital version of your CDC that is always at your fingertips, just like your cell phone.


Handy for travels

CommonPass app is developed by The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum specifically for travels. You can upload your vaccine certificate or your test results, see which are the entry requirements for every country and see if you need to add some documents. You can show your vaccine pass in the app thanks to that it is already accepted by multiple airlines, including Virgin Atlantic, Swiss, JetBlue, United, Lufthansa, and more.


Useful for travels by plane

VeriFLY app lets you upload your travel destination and your health information, such as a COVID test result, or vaccine certificate, check if it’s alright with the country you are entering and air company you are traveling with. VeriFLY is already used by Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Qantas, and more.

Verifly app
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A simple and useful QR code generator

VaccTrack is a simplified COVID certificate app where you can simply upload your vaccine data and have your QR code at your fingertips without carrying around your paper certificate.

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