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Clover is a nitro-boosted app that mixes efficient and modern note-taking features with tasks, project management, and online collaboration. In a nutshell, Clover will empower you to track your thoughts and ideas, link them, create related tasks, and brainstorm with your collaborators. Once you go Clover, you may never go back.

What is Clover?

Clover is a super powerful note-taking app that allows you to plan and track tasks, use whiteboards, document thoughts, and much more. Basically, it offers a whole workspace ecosystem where you can take notes and work on complex problems pretty fast.

What are the key features of Clover?

  • Powerful notes: Taking raw and simple notes is outdated as you now have to collect, process, and link many different types of pieces of information. Hence, Clover allows you to attach notes to other pages and deep link to specific blocks (it will automatically add backlinks to connect pages). Moreover, it features markdown formatting, code blocks (with syntax highlighting), slash inserter, LaTeX, dynamic references, and many more.
  • Tasks and projects: Clover helps you manage small and large projects as you can add tasks (bound to notes or not), add due dates, color-coding, status, and more. The true power of these features is that they work with your notes.
  • Collaboration: Seamlessly invite guests to any of your pages to share ideas, collaborate on tasks, or brainstorm. All the modifications will be performed in real time so that you will work more efficiently.
  • Synced: Find and work on your content from a web browser or mobile app.
  • Whiteboards: Open a whiteboard, an infinite canvas perfect for effective brainstorming, enhanced memorization, and organizing data and ideas the way you want.
  • Media-friendly: You can easily embed images, videos, audio, swatches, and lots more as it integrates with YouTube, Soundcloud, Figma, and other platforms.
  • Templates: Choose among several efficient templates for your documents and notes, including Cornell Notes, Eisenhower Matrix, Timelines, and more. Also, you can create your own if they better fit your needs.
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How to use Clover?

Once installed, you must log in to your Clover account or create a new one. If you are interested in Daily Notes, follow the dedicated guide. In case of a question about Tasks, browse the Tasks guide. For anything else, you can consult the Help Center.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free to use but with some limitations (number of guests, blocks, uploads, page title search). If you want to get the most out of it, you can purchase one of the available plans depending on your needs.

Is it safe?

Clover is considered a safe application. You can consult the app's privacy policy to know more about data collection and use.

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