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OneNote is a handy Microsoft application designed as a digital notebook and whiteboard for capturing thoughts, plans, ideas, and discoveries. With OneNote, you can plan your events accordingly and with no stress.

What is Microsoft OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote is an application that is designed for note-taking. It helps you to save your most important personal and professional notes in one single place. It feels like a digital version of a traditional notebook or stack of Post-its, but this one will never run out of paper!

What are the key features of Microsoft OneNote?

  • Notepad: OneNote works as a digital notepad allowing you to write down your thoughts and ideas, capture some important memories, and make a list of errands to do.
  • Planner: You can use OneNote as your daily planner and write down your to-dos, and lists, and draft the upcoming events and travels.
  • Whiteboard: You can attach pictures and photos to your notes, as well as documents if you use OneNote for work purposes.
  • Password protection: Secure your notes and use password protection so no one except you can access them.
  • Synchronization: Connect your devices and use OneNote on any of them by syncing your data. This way you can access them from wherever you are.
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How to use OneNote?

OneNote comes with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, so you’ll learn quickly how to use it. For a beginning, you can create a notebook and start filling it up with your plans and ideas. You can learn more about the OneNote basics on its official page.

Is it free?

OneNote is one of the few Microsoft Office tools that can be enjoyed for free as a standalone or web-based application. However, many premium features need to be unlocked by acquiring a Microsoft 365 license. You can either purchase it as a single license of the Microsoft Office pack or as a part of the Microsoft 365 pack. As usual, the more user licenses your plan will include, the less it will cost you per user. Microsoft offers a 1-month free trial period for new users.

The Office license is sold as a one-time purchase, but you have to pay up-front and have no upgrade option, meaning you will have to pay at full price if you want to upgrade to a new major release.

The Microsoft 365 plan includes all the up-to-date Microsoft Office software in a single seamless, integrated experience. It also offers extra online storage and advanced collaboration features. With Microsoft 365, you no longer have to worry about using the latest version of your office software.

Microsoft has a very flexible commercial business model so you will be able to choose among different plans depending on your needs. It includes the Family plan which allows you to share Microsoft OneNote with several other people, and the Personal plan if you only need one license.

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Microsoft has a special subscription plan for companies and enterprises which depends on your type of business and your company’s size, and of course, there are also special plans for students and teachers. Find all the available offers on Microsoft's official website.

Is it safe?

OneNote is safe, though it can use some of your personal data. To make sure its terms of service comply with your principles, read its privacy policy.

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