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Amortization software, previously called as Loan Tracker software, is a tool for tracking loans. It offers several features for monitoring loan amortization, date and amount payments.

What are the key features of Amortization software?

  • Loan tracking: this is the program's main function. It allows users to easily view all outstanding loans and the interest rate for each. It also helps in tracking payments and respecting financial commitments.
  • Assessing late fees: in case of delay in payments, Amortization Software includes a feature for assessing late fees. This means that the user does not need to waste time manually by calculating them, this tool can perform it automatically.
  • Payment frequencies: this utility is able to deal with almost all possible payment frequencies. It includes options for tracking payments daily, weekly and monthly. It can also deal with bi-weekly, bi-monthly and other payments if necessary.
  • Plots and graphs: with Amortization Software, it is possible to create plots and pie graphs about all relevant elements. For example, it can draw a graph for viewing the percentage of outstanding loans in comparison with amortized ones.

Is it free?

This is a free trial version of the program. After it expires you can purchase the full license for $49.95.

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