Financial Accounting free for PC

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Financial Accounting provides an intuitive user interface so a user can easily work without acquiring any special technical training or skills. It is designed to help users to quickly save operations and track accounting data.

What are the key features of Financial Accounting?

  • The program saves the most used scriptures and suggests them when it perceives a similarity between breakdowns.
  • It generates documents related to cash transactions or trading posts.
  • It's possible to build invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders, quotes, etc.
  • The data is automatically recorded during the establishment of the documents.
  • Backup and restore facility for the security of your data.
  • It allows you to manage the flow of stock. In this sense, it uses the stock management techniques: weighted average cost and FIFO method (FIFO: first in first out).
  • Generates reports which correspond with international accounting standards. This does not exclude the understandability of the resulting reports.
  • Various report templates (including Final report, Account report, Stock report, Purchase report and Production report).
  • The program provides the ability to simultaneously manage accounts from a network system. This way, employees can work together by sharing the same information.
  • Possibility to manage tax information during the purchase of an item.

Is it free?

No, the license for Financial Accounting software costs $45.

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