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Noted. is a full-fledged note-taking app. You can either dictate your thoughts and the app will transcribe them or you can write down everything you want to note. It is perfect for interviews, lectures, long meetings, and Zoom conferences, as well as just for your personal self-organization.

Key Features

  • Note taking: the most important role of the app is that it takes your notes and helps you not to lose any important information during a meeting or lecture.
  • Dictation: thanks to Noted. you can dictate your thoughts and the app will transcribe them for you using the dictation tool.
  • Organize: you can efficiently organize your notes and pin specific pages, lines or categories.
  • Time Tags: the app lets you time-tag important moments of your audio during a lecture or a meeting so you never miss some crucial information: the tags will bring you exactly where you need to be.
  • Adjustable settings: for the best result you can adjust the playback speed, reduce noise, cut out spurs of silence, applause, etc.
  • Share: you can sync your Apple devices and share your notes using iCloud. Another option is to export your notes in .txt or .m4a formats via email, AirDrop, or social networks and instant messengers.

How Does Noted App Work?

Noted app takes your notes whether you are writing or talking. You can set up the dictation mode by tapping on the recording icon, set the time codes using the # tag, and read your notes after you finished the dictation or the lecture. To export your notes, select three dots icon in the upper right corner and choose Export.

Is Noted Free?

The basic Noted subscription is free, however, if you’d like to access more features, such as export your notes as PDF, archive notes, attach documents to your notes, and much more, you can get a Noted+ subscription for $2.49 per month.

System Requirements

To run Noted on your device, you need to have iOS/iPadOS 12.0 and later.

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