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  • Developer Super Useful Ltd
  • Version 1.5
  • License Shareware
  • Language en

Magpie is an organizational app that offers users the possibility to combine photos and notes in order to help them organize their ideas and inspire their creativity. Magpie was developed by Super Useful Ltd.

What are the key features of Magpie?

  • Reminder: make sure to never forget your ideas - and what better way than associating images with notes? This way, your imagination will get a bonus boost and will help you get creative.
  • Organize: Good organization helps the mind stay focused. With Magpie, you can group your ideas by categories but you can also add multiple photos to a single idea. To be even more exhaustive, you can add prices, links, maps, and more.
  • Share: Magpie uses iCloud - this means that you can share your ideas with your friends and family anywhere, anytime. You can also export your ideas to different platforms like Facebook, and WhatsApp, among others.
  • Interface: Magpie has an intuitive interface that makes the app easy to use. To make this experience even better, it is also stylish and minimalistic.
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How does Magpie work?

As mentioned above, using Magpie is fairly easy. Once you download and install the app, you will be able to create lists. Next, by using your camera or importing photos, you can add pictures to your entry. After that, you will get to set all the details you want, such as title, price, link, or any other additional information you want. Taking pictures through the app will save them to your library - you can delete them manually.

Is Magpie safe?

It seems that the app has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. As always, we recommend reading the official Privacy policy in order to take note of the way Magpie uses your data. In general, the app seems as safe as any other photo and video editing software.

Is Magpie free?

This is a free trial version that expires after two weeks of use. You can opt for a monthly subscription for $1.49 or for a lifetime subscription for $14.99. The app contains some optional in-app purchases.

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