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Sublime Text is a multi-platform text editor for computer programming code and markup language. The software offers native support for all popular programming languages. Besides the countless built-in functions, the possibilities of Sublime text can be expanded through a wide variety of plugins.

What are the key features of Sublime Text?

  • Autocomplete and Syntax Highlight: As a developer, all you want is to be as efficient as possible, without writing sloppy code. Sublime Text comes with an intelligent autocompletion engine that also provides suggestions for improving indentation and correcting your code. Thanks to syntax highlighting, the editor helps you to match brackets and more easily recognize different components, variables, functions, and class types.
  • Native Support: By default, Sublime Text and its basic features are fully compatible with the world's most commonly used programming languages. The software works with HTML, CSS, Java, Ruby, C++, JavaScript, Python, SQL, XML, PHP, etc. The latest edition of Sublime Text also includes support for relatively new languages, such as TypeScript, JSX, and TSX.
  • Plugins: The functionalities of Sublime Text are extensible with an ever-growing number of plugins, that add additional features to the software and improve its compatibility with third-party applications.
  • GPU Rendering: A new feature in Sublime Text 4 is the possibility to render your UI productions directly from the editor, using the power of your GPU combined with OpenGL render technology.
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Is Sublime Text free?

Sublime Text can be downloaded and installed for free, but only for evaluation purposes. If you want to use this editor continuously, you will need to acquire a Sublime Text License. You can get a license for a one-off fee of $99 USD. The license is personal and you will be allowed to install Sublime Text on as many devices as you want.

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