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HxD Hex Editor is a super powerful hexadecimal and memory editor that lets you view, edit, and delete memory data and compare large files. It offers a flexible environment and will surely fit your needs if you are a programmer looking for a memory analysis tool.

What are the key features of HxD Hex Editor?

  • Interface: Even though it does not feature a modern UI, the overall simple design makes it intuitive and practical to use. For example, you can easily navigate, add bookmarks, use the Goto address feature, and more.
  • Versatile editor: HxD Hex Editor allows you to edit main memory directly, as well as hard disks, floppy disks, USB flash drives, CDs, and more. In addition, it can effortlessly handle and open files regardless of their size (up to 8EB, but such big files do not exist) and export, import, split and shred files.
  • Thorough search and edit: You can easily search for unique data types like text (yes, including Unicode), hexadecimal, floats, or integers, but also use memory tagging. The search direction can be changed on the fly (forward, backward, all), and you can even compare files or use the checksum generator to perform SHA-1, SHA-512, MD5, and CRCs. Finally, you can safely replace all the pieces of data you want, and your modifications will be highlighted (and don't worry, as safe file deletion is ensured with the file shredder feature).
  • Flexible data organization: You can dynamically organize data to change how you view it, like changing the byte grouping (1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 bytes packed together into a single column), opening files in different character sets (including DOS, ANSI, EBCDIC, or Macintosh), or switching to Hexadecimal-only or text-only modes. Also, you can open several windows alongside each other to ease how you process data.
  • Handy export: You can directly export your hex files and source code into several formats, including C, C#, Java, Pascal, Visual Basic, HTML, Richtext, TeX, and various other types.
  • Statistics: It can offer a graphical representation of the byte and character distribution to identify the data type of a selection.
  • Optimized: It uses advanced algorithms, hardware acceleration and has been designed to take advantage of a multi-threaded environment to deliver outstanding performances.
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How to use HxD Hex Editor?

Once installed, you can open the file you want to scan the memory data. You will find all the main functions in the toolbar at the top of the interface, the different memory panels at the center, and different results at the bottom of HxD Hex Editor. In addition, you can switch to another byte grouping, character set, or data type from the main toolbar.

Is it free?

Yes, HxD Hex Editor is free to use.

Is it safe?

HxD Hex Editor is safe to use.