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Microsoft Visual Studio Code, often referred to as "VSCode" or "VS Code", is a totally free and cross-platform code editor that provides an advanced environment for software development. VSCode comes integrated with support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js, and it also has extensions for other languages and frameworks such as C ++, C #, Java, Python, Visual Basic, PHP, Go, Unity and .NET.

What are the key features of Visual Studio Code?

  • Intuitive interface: VSCode is easy to use thanks to an interface that incorporates different themes, debuggers, and commands. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Software development: This application allows you to edit, debug, compile, deploy and perform almost any action related to writing and managing code. Its main purpose includes the development of websites, web applications, APIs, etc.
  • Syntax coloring: This allows us to distinguish the elements of your code. Moreover, you can customize the behavior of this feature at our convenience.
  • Error warnings: Visual Studio Code warns you about the syntax errors you make and in some cases even suggests how to correct them.
  • Brace highlighting: Facilitates the correct indentation of your code and the possibility of detecting if any of them are misplaced or missing.
  • Wide catalog of extensions: Available for the use of different languages and with a multitude of functionalities such as autocompletion, shortcuts, analysis, and formatting of the code, etc. This is one of the strengths of the software. Besides a Visual Studio Code Python extension, there are also extensions for Ruby, JavaScript, C++, R, Java, and many more.
  • Code refactoring: VSCode helps you optimize your code, without changing its behavior. You will receive style suggestions, but also functional feedback regarding the use of your variables, classes, and methods.

Is VSCode free?

Visual Studio Code is free software for private and for commercial use.

What's better: Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code?

Many users have wondered what the difference is between these two solutions. The main difference is that Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) , whereas Visual Studio Code is a code editor and debugger. These two terms are often confused and have nothing to do with each other, although in principle they may be very similar. Both Visual Studio Code and Visual Code are developed by Microsoft.

An IDE includes a greater number of advanced tools which are used to design, compile and test programming languages. A code editor, like Visual Studio Code, is more focused on writing, interpreting, and debugging code for websites and applications.

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