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  • Developer WinMerge
  • Version 2.16.14
  • License Freeware
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WinMerge is open source programming tool for differencing and merging. It is designed to compare and then edit 2 source codes at the same time. This is the WinMerge download page.

Key features

  • Comparing: One of the particularities of WinMerge is its ability to display 2 source codes of 2 different applications simultaneously. This option is helpful when comparing 2 similar applications codes. It can also compare images, folders, tables, and various files.
  • Editing: Another function of this software is that it enables the user to modify the source code of the application as they wish. And it also allows detecting possible errors contained therein.
  • Merging: WinMerge enables the user to merge the code in a single file once the modifications are done. With that option, it is also possible to create patch files to upgrade the original application.
  • Multilingual: WinMerge is available in multiple languages including English, French, Dutch, German, Russian, Spanish, and more.
  • Advanced features: Apart from these features, this software supports various advanced settings such as syntax highlighting, shell integration, archiving media in Zip file, and many others.

How does WinMerge work?

And still, you might ask: What is the use of WinMerge? It helps you to determine what has changed between project versions, compare versions, and merge them if needed. Although, it requires a minimum knowledge in programming to modify source codes.

Can WinMerge compare Excel files?

Yes, WinMerge can compare Excel files with a help of a WinMerge Excel plugin.

Is WinMerge free?

WinMerge is open source program, entirely free of charge. Althouth you can make a donation to its developers.

System requirements

  • 32-bit installer: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or newer
  • 64-bit installer: Microsoft Windows 7 or newer

Other systems

WinMerge is only available for Microsoft Windows PC.

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