Fliqlo free for PC, Mac, iOS

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  • Developer Yuji Adachi
  • Version 1.5.1
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Transform your screen into a chic flip clock with Fliqlo! This elegant screensaver adds a retro touch to your digital space, displaying time in bold, flipping digits. Perfect for style and simplicity lovers for Mac, Windows, and iOS devices. Timekeeping reinvented!

What is Fliqlo?

Fliqlo is a top-rated screensaver app that turns your computer or mobile device's screen into a stylish flip clock. It's known for its minimalist design, displaying large white numbers flipping on a black background.

This retro look not only adds a touch of class to your device but also makes it super easy to see the time from a distance. Fliqlo is widely loved for its simplicity and the neat, vintage vibe it brings to any screen, whether on a Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, or iPad.

What are the key features of Fliqlo?

  • Scalable display: Adjust the screensaver size effortlessly, making it larger or smaller to fit any screen perfectly.
  • Time format flexibility: Easily toggle between the traditional 12-hour and the military-style 24-hour clock formats to suit your preference.
  • Orientation options: Choose between landscape and portrait modes for the screensaver, allowing it to adapt to different screen setups.
  • Brightness control: Within the screensaver, you have the ability to adjust the brightness level, ensuring comfort for your eyes in various lighting conditions.
  • Visual customization: Offers the option to either display or hide the split-flap surface, giving you control over the aesthetic look of the clock.
  • Display versatility: On Mac devices, there's a feature to show the clock on either a single primary display or extend it across multiple displays for a broader view.
  • Haptic feedback: On devices that support haptic feedback, you'll feel a satisfying little buzz with each flip. It's a slight touch that makes a big difference in how it feels to use the app.
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How to use Fliqlo?

Simply launch Fliqlo on your computer or smartphone. You can also set Fliqlo as your computer screen saver.

Notes (as a mobile app):

Note that when this clock app is running in the foreground, your device's Auto-Lock feature gets paused, keeping the screen awake. Also, unlike a Mac screensaver, Fliqlo doesn't kick in automatically, so you'll need to start it yourself each time. Finally, this clock can't take over your device's Lock Screen (it's strictly an app, not a Lock Screen replacement).

Is Fliqlo free?

Fliqlo is entirely free to use on Windows and macOS. On iOS, you have to purchase it.

Is Fliqlo safe?

Yes, Fliqlo is considered safe to use.