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TaskbarX is an excellent open-source utility that lets you customize your Windows desktop taskbar by setting up animations, customizing appearances, icons, colors, behaviors, and more through an easy-to-use interface.

What is TaskbarX?

TaskbarX (formerly Falcon X) is a free and open-source taskbar management tool for Windows that will give you an original Windows dock-like feel. It allows you to create and use plenty of animations, adjust positions, customize your taskbar's look, and more without hurting your performance.

What are the key features of TaskbarX?

  • Captivating animations: Dive into an enticing array of 42 captivating animations handpicked for your selection. You even have the freedom to turn off animations entirely if you prefer. Adjust the animation speed to your liking, ensuring a truly personalized and immersive experience.

  • Precise placement: Unleash your creativity by effortlessly customizing the precise placement of animations. With the ability to fine-tune their offset position based on the center, you can achieve impeccable alignment between elements such as the start button, search bar, task view, left tray icons, and clock.

  • Optimal performance: Brace yourself for exceptional performance as the meticulously optimized and lightweight looping technology takes the stage, guaranteeing smooth and seamless operation.

  • Seamless integration: Embrace complete control over the appearance of your taskbar as TaskbarX seamlessly integrates with all your taskbar settings. Shape and mold it to your liking, ensuring it perfectly complements your desktop setup.

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  • Workflow enhancement: Enhance your workflow by effortlessly switching to a vertical taskbar layout tailored to accommodate your preferred working style and maximize productivity.

  • Unlimited customization: Expand your customization prowess across multiple displays with unlimited monitor support. Extend your unique taskbar setup seamlessly across all your screens.

  • Transformative style: Embark on a transformative journey as the taskbar style undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis. Enjoy transparency, blur, and acrylic effect options enabling you to curate the perfect aesthetic and breathe life into your desktop environment.

  • Personalized look: Infuse your desktop with personality as you personalize the taskbar color and transparency. Craft a bespoke, tailored look that sets your desktop apart.

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  • Sleek minimalism: Embrace minimalism and sleekness by hiding the start button. Immerse yourself in a clutter-free taskbar experience that exudes elegance and simplicity.

  • Efficient organization: Harness the power of taskbar segments to organize and manage your applications efficiently. Streamline your workflow and take control of your desktop environment like never before.

  • Create: Elevate the visual appeal of your taskbar by adding your personal touch. Unleash your creativity with a custom start button that enhances the overall aesthetic and elevates the visual charm of your taskbar.

How to use TaskbarX?

  1. Once installed, launch the TaskbarX configurator.
  2. Go to the Style section and choose among the different styles to pimp your taskbar's look.
  3. Go to the Animation section and choose the animation styles you want and the animation's speed.
  4. In the Position section, you can apply offsets to your taskbar.
  5. The Taskschedule section is a little specific, allowing you to set some delays in case TaskbarX doesn't work correctly after Windows startup.
  6. The Extra section gives you control over various settings, like refresh rate, skip resolution, and more.
  7. As you configure and test configurations, click on Apply to see the results.

On Windows 11

TaskbarX is designed for Windows 10. On Windows 11, TaskbarX can only change the background style of the taskbar until Windows 11 version number 10.0.22621.1265 Feb 2023. If you have a higher version, TaskbarX will not work.

If you want to install Windows 11 but you still like the taskbar of Windows 10, you can patch the Windows 11 Explorer to get back the old taskbar. Doing this will make TaskbarX functional again in Windows 11.

Is TaskbarX free?

Yes, TaskbarX is free to use.

Is TaskbarX safe?

Yes, TaskbarX is considered safe to use.