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Start11 is a customization powerhouse for Windows 10 and 11. Tailor your Start menu and taskbar with diverse designs, robust configurations, and aesthetics. It's about full control and personal flair, enhancing both productivity and style in your Windows experience.

What is Start11?

Start11 is your ultimate tool for a tailor-made Windows experience. It's not just about making transitions between Windows 10 and 11 seamless; it's a customization powerhouse. With Start11, you dive into a world of creative freedom for your Start menu and taskbar. We're talking about various designs, robust configuration options, and aesthetic choices that make your desktop pop. Whether it's for efficiency or style, Start11 transforms your Windows into a space that's uniquely yours, enhancing both productivity and personalization.

What are the key features of Start11?

  • Make your start menu uniquely yours: With Start11, it's super easy to customize your Windows 10 or 11. You can change icons, mix layouts, and add tabs. It's all about making your Start menu truly yours. Go ahead, play around, and get creative.
  • Functionality meets style in your start menu: And it's not just about making it look good. Start11 is here to help you fine-tune the practical details of your Start menu too. You can adjust the colors, set the right level of transparency, line up your icons perfectly, and pick the best size for each. We're talking about a Start menu that's as efficient as attractive.
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  • Effortless access right from your taskbar: Transform your taskbar into your personal command center. With Start11, you can pin those must-have files and folders directly to your taskbar. This means everything important is just a click away. It's all about saving time and making your life a little easier.
  • Rediscover the classics with your taskbar: Miss those classic taskbar features? They get it, and that's why Start11 brings them back. You can now enjoy a context menu packed with features or try something new, like moving your taskbar to the top of your screen. It's a perfect mix of the old and the new.
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  • Search smarter, not harder: Get ready for a search experience that's sharp and to the point. Start11 steps up your game by showing your most-used content first and integrating with the Everything search engine for more relevant results. It's searching, but more focused and efficient.
  • Search seamlessly with Edge integration: And if you're an Edge browser user, here's something cool: pair it with Start11 and watch your open tabs become a part of your search. It's all about making your search not just quicker, but also more intuitive.
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  • Tailored start menu: It's not just about controlling the Start menu; it's about reinventing it to suit your business needs. Fancy a standardized Start menu across all systems? Or maybe you want the Start menu layout to adjust dynamically upon user login? They've got you covered. Plus, with the ability to lock Start menu items, you ensure a consistent user experience that screams productivity and reduces complexity.
  • Brandify your desktop: Transform the Start button into your company logo and watch every desktop become a subtle yet powerful extension of your brand. With Start11, every desktop becomes a part of your corporate identity, effortlessly extending your branding to every corner of your digital workspace.

How to use Start11?

To learn how to use Start11, you should consider browsing the dedicated help center.

Is Start11 free?

We offer you the free demo version of Start11 here. You can buy a personal or commercial license to get the most out of it.

Is Start11 safe?

For sure, Start11 is considered safe regardless of your skill level.