HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) PCL

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HP's UPD (Universal Print Driver) is a group of compatible unified drivers for all HP LaserJet and HP Color Laser Jet Printers. The UPD allows you to find and print to supported HP devices with a unique print driver. Upon installation, the driver communicates with the supported drivers to find the appropriate one for your printer.

Key Features

  • One driver to configure, migrate to new devices and update OS.
  • A familiar interface for a range of printers.
  • Support for desktop and on the go use.
  • Resolve problems yourself and improve productivity.
  • Secure printing - use a PIN to secure your documents.
  • Compatible with various printers.
  • Locate printers within your network.

Is It Free

Yes, HP's Universal Print Driver is free to download and use. Photo: 123rf.com