AudioGrabber free for PC

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AudioGrabber enables to extract tracks contained in an audio CD. The output is saved in various formats with the quality remaining intact. This utility is developed by Jackie Franck.

What are the key features of AudioGrabber?

  • CD ripper: the main feature of this software is primarily CD ripping. AudioGrabber copies audio tracks contained in an audio CD without going through the sound card. By default, the extraction format is WAV but the software can use other encoders and save the output as MP3, OGG or WMA file types.
  • Customizable: during the extraction, it is possible to make some adjustments to the copied tracks. For instance, users can cite the audio volume balance, silence suppression at the beginning and end of each track and many more.
  • Information: to fill up these features, AudioGrabber automatically searches for information about the extracted files and downloads them from Free dB, a database on the Internet Compact Disc. For example, it may be songs, artists and others.

Is it free?

Yes, this program is downloadable free of charge.

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