Audio MP3 Maker

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  • Developer Mjjsoft
  • Version 1.16
  • License Shareware
  • Language en

Disclaimer: it seems that the publisher's website is closed and that the version linked to this page is the latest to exist. Thus, the software may no longer work on your computer, or run with recurring error messages.

You sometimes extract your favorite music from a CD. However, most of the available media players cannot play back .cda files. You must then convert them into MP3 to listen to them and to do that you need Audio MP3 Maker. It allows you to convert a CDA file into MP3 in just a few seconds. Moreover, it can also create your own MP3 from your favorite songs because it is able to extract automatically your CD Audio MP3 Maker is very light, fast and does not require any particular knowledge.

Is It Free?

This is a shareware version of the product.