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What if everything was interconnected? That is exactly what IFTTT proposes with their software, a massive net of web services and mobile apps offering their features linked with each other. Regardless of what type of service you're looking for, as long as the application, software, or gadget exists inside the "applets" offered by IFTTT, the chances of interconnection are infinite.

What are the key features of IFTTT?

  • Applets: each application and web service has its own set of applets, this set of features is interconnected with other applications creating an immersive experience and an immense amount of options, each time you create an application integration you’re taking out the best features of each app that you own. The applets have infinitive options, and since they constantly update the software, you’ll keep finding new ones, from banks, and financial institutions, to coffee machines and voice assistants. Find everything you need to have an easy and smarter way of life.
  • Web Service Options: One of the most successful aspects of IFTTT is the brands that have joined their large team, besides their incredible algorithm and development, they work with big web services such as; Google, Amazon, Spotify, Uber, Monzo, and Cortana among others.
  • Smart Home: Tired once you arrive home from work? What if you could set up an integration where you’ll receive a pizza once your laundry is done? Which by the way, is also done since it was launched after your coffee was done in the morning. All pre-set by you. Everything is possible with the integrated web services of the IFTTT app. The idea of having a smart home goes beyond having a structured and time-saving environment, it can also bring fun ideas and lightness to everyone’s day.

How does IFTTT work?

With Time Saving Offers, the services, and devices combined are useful ways of saving time. In terms of coworking and a business aspect, setting up the automatization of calendars, payments, check-ups, and generally, time-consuming tasks can save both time and money. The general concept is to automate time-consuming tasks in order to give us extra time to use in other creative ways. For example, there is the possibility of automatization of google assistant with regular tasks without having to give a command. This way you can pre-schedule everything you need, such as posting on social media without being stuck on your phone, or playing your favorite song as you wake up. All of these services in one, and without saying a single word.

Is IFTTT safe?

The big names give a back-up and guarantee the service, but what also makes the software application safe pass, is the combination of the big names with smaller applications giving safety in all your tasks.

Is IFTTT free?

Yes! You can download the application for free.