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  • Developer Brianna Lei
  • Version 1.01
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Butterfly Soup 2 is the welcomed sequel to the original Butterfly Soup title. You will keep following Diya, Noelle, Akarsha, and Min-seo throughout their self-discovery journey and experience a vibrant, hilarious, and astonishing adventure full of exploration.


Butterfly Soup 2 is a sequel to Butterfly Soup, happening a few months later. This visual novel offers a romantic story about LGBT+ Asian-American teens playing baseball and falling in love. But it also deals with the delicate subject of discovering who you really are and explores the fears and hopes of teenagers. Characters are like caterpillars inside a cocoon waiting for spring to come.


  • Dialogues: Dialogues offer still more depth to the whole story as they bring the right balance of humor (including memes, of course) and emotions.
  • More depth: Even though only two months have passed since the first title, the characters have become more complex as they understand and accept their flaws and vulnerabilities, but they are also more temperamental.
  • Decisions: You will have the opportunity to make choices and shape your own story.
  • Characters: You will switch between the perspectives of Noelle, Akarsha, Diya, and Min-seo as they live their high school life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Also, many other characters will play some role, each one with its own personality.
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This second title offers the same charming graphics that make this universe unique. Characters are lovely, and places are diversified and colorful.

Duration and game modes

Butterfly Soup 2 is about 3-4 hours long and offers a solo experience.

What do the reviews say?

Butterfly Soup 2 has returned five years after the first title came out, and even though the original players have grown, they really liked this second title as the characters now embrace their inner depth. Also, like the first title, Butterfly Soup 2 has a strong production value.

Age rating

There is no official age rating, but we would recommend it for a teenage audience.

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