Temple Run 2 free for Android APK

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  • Developer Imangi Studios
  • Version 1.77.2
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Temple Run 2 is an endless run game, a sequel to one of the most successful and addictive mobile games: Temple Run. This time it comes with better animations and more attractive landscapes for players to enjoy. Like the original, the idea of the game is simple: run as fast as you can to escape after stealing some sacred treasure from a temple!


  • Graphics: As mentioned above, one of the best improvements compared to the first Temple Run game are the graphics. The game is colorful and has a detailed environment and this combination makes the gameplay very intuitive.

  • Powerups: To make your experience even more exciting, Temple Run 2 features brand new powerups to enjoy. In addition to that, there are special powers for each character.

  • New obstacles: If you are already familiar with the first Temple Run game, don't worry - this version offers new obstacles to make sure that everyone is having a nice time.

  • Monkey: If you found the first game too easy, then you should try this one - it has a bigger monkey that will make your experience more challenging.

Game modes

During the endless pursuit you have to dodge obstacles, avoid fatal cliffs, and everything else that comes your way. For these maneuvers, you have tactile gestures and tilt controls. During your escape, you must try and collect as many coins as possible that will help you unlock extra powers and a series of new characters that, thanks to their unique special abilities, will add even more interest to the game.

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