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  • Developer Endnight Games
  • Version 15
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Sons Of The Forest is a survival video game developed by Endnight Games and the sequel to the game The Forest. It comes as a refreshing title, improving existing features and introducing many new ones, and successfully offers a more vivid, consistent, wild, and dangerous open-world environment.


Several years following the events of The Forest, a group of hired private military contractors working for PuffCorp is sent to an island known as "Site 2". Their mission is to locate Edward Puffton, the founder and CEO of PuffCorp, along with his wife Barbara and their 20-year-old daughter Virginia, who have been missing for several months. Unfortunately, the team's helicopters are targeted and shot down by unidentified attackers. Although one of the contractors manages to survive the crash, they are incapacitated by a man named Jianyu Zhang, an employee of PuffCorp, wearing a distinctive silver coat. Upon regaining consciousness, the Contractor discovers another surviving team member named Kelvin.


  • Open-world environment: The open-world environment is an invitation to exploration. The forest is vast and filled with hidden secrets, making it a great place to get lost in. You are totally free to go wherever you want, whenever you like, and the dynamic day and night cycle system will also contribute to shaping your experience by modifying the gameplay and your choices.
  • Confront demonic forces: Step into a perilous realm where safety is an illusion and face off against a variety of mutated creatures, ranging from almost human-like to unimaginably alien. Equipped with pistols, axes, stun batons, and more, defend yourself and safeguard those dear to you.

  • New AI: The adversaries you encounter will exist within their own intricate ecosystems, and your choices will impact their behavior. Your actions can sway mutants towards the subterranean labyrinth or compel them to roam the untamed wilderness. Furthermore, the developer has hinted at the cannibals devising sophisticated strategies for coordinated assaults while also suggesting that resourceful management of your assets can enable you to turn fear into a weapon against them.

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  • Companions: You will also have the option to enlist the aid of companions known as Sons of the Forest, who can assist you by following your commands. These AI allies can gather resources and perform other tasks that require time, significantly contributing to your overall survival endeavors.

  • Construction and crafting: This title focuses even more on crafting, cooking, and combat. Feel the depth of every interaction; convert sticks into firewood, utilize an axe to carve out windows and floors. Construct a modest cabin or create an elaborate seaside stronghold—the decision rests with you. You will be amazed by a new digging feature along with the addition of a 3D printer, allowing you to craft more intricate and advanced items. This enables you to enhance your survival capabilities or even create distinctively colored objects to distinguish yourself from fellow players in multiplayer sessions.

  • Survive: You will have to consider several stats to ensure you stay in good shape and prepared for anything, including Hunger, Thirst, Rest, Health, Stamina, Armor, Strength, and Stealth.

  • Dynamic seasons: Embrace the changing seasons and harvest fresh salmon from lively streams during spring and summer. Stockpile meat to endure the harsh winter months. You are not alone on this island, and as resources dwindle and the cold sets in, you'll encounter others seeking sustenance.

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Graphics and sound

Sons of the Forest features stunning graphics that bring the forest to life. The game's environments are incredibly detailed, with lush foliage, realistic lighting, and impressive scenery. The creatures that inhabit the forest are also finely designed, with intricate details that make them both terrifying and fascinating to look at.

The game's sound design is immersive, with realistic sound effects that create a sense of tension and unease. The creatures in the forest make eerie noises that will send shivers down your spine, and the game's music is hauntingly beautiful.

Duration and game modes

Sons Of The Forest features single-player and multiplayer game modes, so you can embrace the challenge solo or join forces with friends. Share resources, collaborate on fortifications, and explore the depths below and the expanses above with a reliable team by your side.

What do the reviews say?

So far, it has been rated Very Positive by over 100k players on Steam.

Age rating


Sons Of The Forest is rated PEGI 18.

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