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  • Developer Hinterland Studio, Inc.
  • Version 1.0
  • License Freeware
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The Long Dark is a mysterious survival experience that challenges you to think strategically as you explore an extensive frozen wasteland in the aftermath of a geomagnetic storm.


  • Survival: Search and hunt for food whilst doing everything it takes to avoid dying in hostile wildlife, hypothermia, frostbite, and diseases such as dysentery. Grab the right gear and hunt wolves, bears, moose, rabbits, crows, and much more.
  • Choose your experience: Choose from 4 distinct difficulty levels. If none of the modes suit your wishes, you can choose the Custom Mode and tailor the game experience to your preferences.
  • The Long Dark update: Besides releasing the 3 remaining episodes of the Wintermute story mode, Hinterland Studio constantly introduces updates to the Survival Model, as well as patches to fix general bugs in the game.
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Game modes

There are 3 different game modes in The Long Dark: Wintermute, Survival, and Challenges.

  • Wintermute: This is the episodic story mode of The Long Dark. Wintermute will consist of 5 episodes, of which 2 have been released so far.
  • Survival: This is by far the more popular mode in this game. Survival is a non-narrative experience where your only mission is to stay alive as you find your way through the immense The Long Dark map.
  • Challenges: This mode offers objective-based challenges that are designed to last between 1 and 3 hours each. Some very fun examples are Whiteout, where you have to gather enough supplies to survive a fierce blizzard, and Hunted, where you need to escape from a hungry bear.

For more detailed information on the different gameplay modes, we recommend you to visit this The Long Dark Wiki page.

What do the reviews say?

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The Long Dark has been rated 77/100 on Metacritic.

"Deep, brutal, and hauntingly atmospheric, The Long Dark is a survival game done right." (PC Gamer)

Age rating


The Long Dark is rated PEGI 16 as it contains violence.

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