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  • Developer Studio Wildcard
  • Version 358.11
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

In ARK: Survival Evolved you will wake up alone on an island full of dinosaurs and predators. If you want to survive, you will have to be patient and clever. Observe, build your shelter, and craft weapons to protect yourself. Cooperate with other players and form tribes to fight together and thrive. ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival action-adventure video game published by Studio Wildcard.


  • Beware of predators: Over 80 different species coexist on the island. Be careful because even if some of them look cute, they won't hesitate to try to cut you into pieces. Be patient, take advantage of your environment, and you may succeed in training some of these wild beasts to help you in your journey.
  • Explore, craft, survive: You will start from scratch, with nothing to help you. To survive, you will have to explore the island, collect resources and objects, build a shelter to take some rest, craft weapons to stay alive, and wear clothes to keep your body warm during the cold nights.
  • Expand: If you cooperate with other players, you will be able to form a small civilization with villages or large cities. Take care to build your structures with the proper materials, and pay attention to the foundations to make your buildings last.
  • Mythical creatures: Defi and defeat some of the most dangerous creatures on the island. Some will appear after performing a ritual or will be found at a specific location, or after making a sacrifice. If you manage to snatch the victory, you may get proper rewards.
  • Tribes: You can form or join an existing tribe composed of friends or other players. Teaming up is very fun and can be a game-changer as you will share the pets you tamed, the respawn points, as well as the codes needed to access the base.
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Graphics and sound

The graphics and sound effects in ARK: Survival Evolved are just outstanding, the whole universe is both very dense and rich, and all the dinosaurs are amazing. Your experience facing the Tyrannosaurus Rex will make you feel vulnerable.

Duration and game modes

The game offers a lot of diversified and challenging content. The main story will last approximately 50 hours. If you want to do all the extras, the game will last over 200 hours. In addition to the solo mode, ARK: Survival Evolved offers lots more challenges playing the multiplayer mode as it combines both competitive and cooperative elements. Ally with other players, form or join existing tribes, and face all the wildest dangers of the island with your fellow companions.

What do the reviews say?

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The video game has been rated on Metacritic with a score of 70/100.

"Ark is near masterful in its ability to keep you caught up in a sense of discovery. There always seems to be more." (GamesTM)

Age rating


It has been rated PEGI 16. It contains scenes with dying characters and dinosaurs. The graphics are quite realistic therefore it might frighten a young audience.

Is Ark Survival Evolved cross-platform?

It may seem unclear how far goes the cross-platform support, but we sorted it out for you:

  • PlayStation and Xbox users can play cross-gen within the same console brand but not cross-platform with each other.
  • Xbox users can crossplay with PC who purchased the game from the Microsoft Store.
  • PC users with a Microsoft Store copy cannot crossplay with PC users on Steam or the Epic Games Store.
  • PC users on Epic Game Store or Steam can crossplay with each other as well as with Google Stadia.
  • Mac and Linux users can crossplay with PC with a Steam copy, but not with those with an Epic Game Store copy.
  • Android and iOS users can crossplay with each other but not with any other platform.
  • Nintendo Switch does not support cross-platform.

Is Ark Survival Evolved split-screen?

  • PlayStation and Xbox: Split-screen is available. Begin a single-player session and let the second player join the game.
  • PC, Mac, and Linux: There is not split-screen support.
  • Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and others: There is not split-screen support.

How big is Ark Survival Evolved?

  • PC, Mac, and Linux: Depending on how many DLCs you install, it goes from 100 to 200 GB.
  • PS4, PS5: Expect about 100 GB for the base, and around 20 GB for each DLC.
  • Xbox One and Series X | Series S: Expect about 100 GB for the base, and around 20 GB for each DLC.
  • Android, iOS: A little bit under 2.5 GB.
  • Nintendo Switch: Around 12 GB.
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