GameRanger free for PC

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  • Developer GameRanger
  • Version 4.9
  • License Freeware
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GameRanger is an Internet gaming program that enables users to organize and play games, discuss strategies and even exchange some tricks and ideas.

What are the key features of GameRanger?

  • Supported games: in its first release in 1999, GameRanger could only support 11 game titles. For this new version, gamers can profit from no less than 600 titles enabling them to find online demos with all friends and opponents.
  • Account and friends: apart from the ability to play several games and managing them, GameRanger can also be used to create an account and a profile (compulsory). The Gold membership (Paying) can supports up to 500 buddies.
  • Chat rooms and voice communication: to exchange messages and game strategies, GameRanger users are free to talk with other friends. This can be done thanks to text messages in chat rooms or via voice call.
  • Ladders/rankings and ratings: at any time, gamers can check for their past and present scores in all different played games. This process can be done via simple clicks of the mouse. Scores can be shared with other gamers.

Is it free?

Yes, you can download GameRanger for free.