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Unlock a new level of gaming freedom with reWASD! This remarkable tool empowers you to shape and personalize your gaming experience on your PC like never before. Whether you're wielding a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad, reWASD is your key to full control. Remap controls, redefine keys, and fine-tune buttons with ease. With reWASD's unparalleled flexibility, it's your game, your way.

What is reWASD?

reWASD is a powerful software solution that empowers gamers to take full control of their gaming experience on Windows PCs. With reWASD, you can seamlessly customize and remap your gamepad or controller inputs, ensuring that every button press and joystick movement aligns perfectly with your preferences.

This versatile tool allows for effortless button remapping, advanced mapping options, and precise adjustments to joystick sensitivity and deadzones. You can create and manage multiple profiles, making it easy to switch between different configurations for various games and applications. Whether you seek enhanced precision, personalized control schemes, or the ability to adapt non-standard controllers for your PC gaming needs, reWASD delivers the flexibility and precision you demand.

What are the key features of reWASD?

  • Comprehensive controller customization: With reWASD, you can map your joystick to keyboard keys and mouse buttons, giving you the power to set different actions for various button press types, like Double or Long presses. This customization extends further, allowing you to create shortcuts using your gamepad, keyboard, or mouse buttons. This level of control customization is designed to elevate your gaming and user experience to new heights.
  • Enhanced controller mapping layouts: reWASD introduces four new controller mapping layouts, complete with a Shift mode for added versatility. It also lets you use Xbox Elite 1 & 2 paddles as independent controls and adds up to three mappings to sticks and trigger zones. This multi-layered mapping approach greatly boosts the versatility and functionality of your controller, providing a richer gaming experience.

  • Versatile controller emulation and keyboard integration: Emulating a Virtual Xbox 360 or DS4 controller on any gamepad is a breeze with reWASD, enhancing game compatibility across various platforms. Moreover, it allows you to turn your keyboard into a virtual controller, offering an alternative input method. The software smartly detects associated apps, automatically applying configurations and streamlining your gaming setup.

  • Enhanced device management and feedback control: reWASD lets you group supported devices to function as one, creating a seamless and integrated gaming environment. It enables you to monitor your gamepad's battery status right from the system tray. Plus, you can adjust the haptic feedback on vibration-enabled gamepads, ensuring the tactile response is just to your liking.

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  • Custom combo control (paid version): Seamlessly create custom combinations of keyboard keys, controller buttons, and mouse buttons. Enjoy automated emulation options for pauses, rumbles, and breaks, enhancing your gaming experience.

  • Advanced mapping made easy (paid version): Easily customize your controller with options to swap or mute buttons, use them in complex combos, fine-tune stick response curves, and adjust dead zones. Additionally, transform your physical mouse into a virtual joystick for precise control.

  • Multi-configuration convenience (paid version): Manage multiple configurations effortlessly with the ability to load up to four different setups simultaneously. Seamlessly switch between them using a two- or three-button hotkey that you can customize to your preference.

  • Rapid fire precision (paid version): Achieve precision with the Turbo function, which allows continuous controller mappings while holding a button. You can start and stop emulation with a simple tap, providing you with ultimate control and flexibility.

  • Quick access with radial menu (paid version): Access your in-game commands swiftly through an on-screen Radial Menu designed for quick and easy access in games or apps. Personalize the menu to fit your gaming needs and adapt controller settings for an unparalleled gaming experience.

  • Mobile gaming enhancement (paid version): Elevate your mobile gaming experience with the reWASD Junior app. Transform your phone into an additional gaming device, seamlessly integrate it with your PC through network connectivity, and take advantage of remapping capabilities for innovative PC gameplay.

How to use reWASD?

There are plenty of official guides depending on what type of device you want to use with reWASD (keyboardmouseXbox EliteSwitch ProJoy-conDualshock 4Dualshock 3, etc.).

Is reWASD free?

Yes, reWASD offers a free version, but only the paid version gets you access to all the available features.

Is reWASD safe?

Yes, reWASD is safe to use. The software has been developed and thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility and stability. In addition, reWASD does not collect or store personal data, respecting your privacy.