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Warface is an online first-person shooter game. It was developed by Crytek Kiev and is now between the hands of My.games. Released on October 21, 2013, the action is set in a military world and it focuses on online multiplayer. So if you are looking for a game to enjoy with your friends, this may be just for you - in this article, we discuss some of the app’s key features, as well as some additional information, so keep reading.

Key Features

Here are some of the Warface game’s main features:

  • Modes: As mentioned above, the game puts emphasis on the multiplayer mode. This means that you can choose between Player versus player (PvP) matches, Player versus Environment (PvE) matches, and Spec Ops.
  • Classes and Weapons: There are five classes in the game: Sniper, Rifleman, Engineer, Medic, or SED and each of them has different skills but also, unique weapons and equipment. Each class can choose between two categories of arms and equipment and has a secondary firearm and an additional melee weapon.
  • Gameplay: In order to pay for weapons, equipment, and cosmetic gear, the game uses a system of microtransactions. The more missions and matches a player completes, the more Experience Points, Warface Dollars, and Vendor Points they will get. Each one of these currencies can be used for different things, such as weapons, rank level, or to progress through the Arsenal tree.

Age Restrictions

Warface is ranked as Pegi 16, which means that the content is not suitable for children and young teenagers.

Is Warface Free?

Warface is free-to-play.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (64bit).
  • Processor: Core i3-530 / AMD Athlon II X3 415e and later.
  • Memory: 4GB or more.
  • Graphics: GeForce 250 GTS / Radeon HD 4850 and later.
  • Disk Space: 20 GB available space.

Other Platforms

Warface is also available on PS4, Xbox 360 & Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the retrocompatibility of next-gen console, you can also play it on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Images: Steam

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