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Team Fortress 2 is the sequel to Team Fortress Classic, which we dare to consider the father of all multiplayer FPS games that exist today, some have even placed it above Counter-Strike. Since it made its first appearance back in 2007, Team Fortress 2 has managed to maintain a stable player base.


  • Tons of fun: Beneath its apparent simplicity, Team Fortress 2 packs enough depth that it takes hundreds of hours of gameplay before the first signs of boredom may appear.
  • Always and forever free: Unlike other free-to-play games, Team Fortress 2 has no time or content limitations. Everything is free for everyone, including new game modes, maps, characters, and updates.
  • Pick a class: There are 9 classes to choose from, and you will have to keep in mind that all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Make the most of your skills and fight for victory.
  • Up to 3 weapons simultaneously: Each of the characters may carry a main weapon, a secondary weapon, and a third one that you can use during the melee.
  • Listen to the narrator: At the beginning of the game, a voice will tell the players which objectives they have to complete. The information offered by this secondary character will be of vital importance since she keeps track of all the events that occur in the game.


Team Fortress 2 is characterized by its polished gameplay. Furthermore, it has simple, yet very well-designed graphics, allowing for the game to run smoothly on almost any PC.

Game modes

Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer online video game that has various enjoyable game modes:

  • Capture the Flag: The objective of both teams is to capture the opponent's briefcase.
  • Arena: This game mode is characterized by the fact that there is no possibility of respawning once you have been defeated.
  • Control Points: Teams will have to manage to capture a series of points located on the map.
  • King of the Hill: Similar to the arena, but focused on a single control point at the center of the map.
  • Mann vs. Machines: In this game mode players will have to stop multiple hordes of bomb-carrying robots.
  • Mannpower: Comparable with Capture the Flag, but including some modifications such as the use of throwing grappling hooks.
  • Explosive Charge: The objective is to protect a wheelbarrow and transport it to a certain point on the map.
  • Pickup Race: Same as above, but with the difference that both teams can be attackers and defenders at the same time.
  • Special Delivery: Both teams have to transport a briefcase to a rocket located at a specific point on the map.
  • Territorial Control: Consists of capturing as many territories as possible.

What do the reviews say?

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Team Fortress 2 holds a Metacritic rating of 92 out of 100.

“With a whacky, off-the-wall cartoon style, Team Fortress 2 provides excellent class based multiplayer action. TF2's classes are unique from each other and stand out to fulfill specific roles, but flexible enough to adapt to changing situations”. (GameDaily)

Age rating


This video game has been rated with the PEGI 16 label. It does not contain explicit violence but some scenes, as well as certain characters, can possibly be frightening to younger children.

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