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Back 4 Blood multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by Warner Bros. The has a more optimistic tone than Left 4 Dead as players control characters called Cleaners, who are more confident and skilled than the characters in Left 4 Dead.


After what seems to be a virus with alien origins, infected people begin to mutate into zombies called the Ridden. During this outbreak, it is up to Cleaners - a group of veterans - to fight them and to create secure places for the survivors.


  • Back 4 Blood is a cooperative multiplayer FPS where parties can include between 4 and 8 players. Players are free to choose a Cleaner as each has different stats. Back 4 Blood features cards that players use to compose a deck at the beginning of every level. Decks modify three types of stats: health, damage, and stamina. When confronting the AI, players should know that it uses Corruption cards against them that will result in hindering their progress, spawning additional enemies, activating effects such as fog, and adding more enemies to the horde.
  • Cleaners: There are 8 Cleaners between which players will be able to choose: Hoffman, Walker, Doc, Mom, Holly, Evangelo, Karlee, and Jim. Every one of them has different skills and stats but also a different story and background to complete the character.

  • Crossplay: Yes, the game supports crossplay between Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Game modes

  • Modes: Back 4 Blood features two different modes. The first one is a PvP Swarm mode where two teams of four players each confront each other and have the possibility to choose between playing a Cleaner or a Ridden - which also modifies their abilities and weapons. The second one is a cooperative multiplayer where players will have the possibility to team up with four other players (four in total).

  • Replayability: Thanks to the rogue-lite card system, players will be able to enjoy each level multiple times, without ever going through the same session twice. This is also possible thanks to the dynamic Game Director that adjusts to player actions. This means that Back 4 Blood promises environment, enemies, and location changes for every session, as well as important gameplay diversity.

Age rating

The game has been rated with a PEGI 18 label. It contains a graphical presentation of violence, as well as strong language.

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