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Half-Life: Alyx is a PC game developed by Valve. It is an epic virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter (FPS) that you should definitely give a try. Continue reading to learn more about Half-Life: Alyx.


Even if it's not the Half-Life 3 that fans were hoping for, Half-Life: Alyx brings City 17 to a new audience. Chronologically, the events are set between Half-Life and Half-Life 2, after the Black Mesa Incident and the invasion of the Combine aliens. The protagonist is Alyx Vance accompanied by her father and scientist Eli Vance. Along with other survivors of the invasion, they try to form a resistance.


  • Virtual reality: This is the highlight of the game and suits perfectly the gameplay that sits at the heart of Half-Life. The VR experience allows you to immerse deeply in the game's world and to enjoy the environmental interactions and the combats. Take the opportunity to fully explore the universe - with the VR technology, you can hide behind a wall to make an impossible shot, rummage through the shelves to find objects like a healing syringe, and push away and pull objects thanks to the Gravity gloves.
  • Characters: Alyx is the only one that can save the human race. She is helped by one of the greatest scientists on earth - her own father, Dr. Eli Vance - and a group of humans. Together, they are trying to free the planet from the invaders, which means there are tons of clandestine activities.
  • Customization of the environments: Thanks to the Source 2 tools, every player can build and contribute new environments. This means that the rest of the community will be able to enjoy them as well.
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Graphics and sound

This game looks and sounds like an absolute masterpiece. Many critics agree that Half-Life: Alyx is one of the best VR titles in video gaming history. Depending on the specifications of your PC, Alyx can be considered a true visual treat. However, it is important to bear in mind that the game can only be played with a VR headset.

Duration and game modes

Half-Life: Alyx is a single-player VR adventure that comes along with an attractive and compelling story. Completing the campaign should take you roughly 15 hours. If you are keen on going through all aspects or the came, you can expect to need between 3 and 4 additional hours. 

Whilst Valve has not announced any plans for a multiplayer mode, a group of independent developers has created an unofficial mod that allows multiplayer gaming. You can read more about this mod here

What do the reviews say?

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Half-Life: Alyx has a Metacritic rating of 93 out of 100.

"This is a triumph in almost every way. This is the most detailed, deepest and most elaborate VR game yet. No other VR game has so much variety and depth at the same time, combined with such a perfect tempo." (Gamer.nl)

Age rating


Just like any other game in this famous shooter franchise, Half-Life: Alyx is labeled PEGI 16. The game contains a high level of realistic looking violence. 

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