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The Sims Mobile is the mobile equivalent of the Sims game. It allows you to play on your devices, and develop your Sims and their characters and appearances.


  • Create Sims: Like in the original The Sims game you can create Sims, choose their appearance, outfits, hairstyles, as well as their character traits and talents.
  • Home: You can build a home for your Sim, choose the wallpaper, furniture and select the decor that you like. That can also be a handy way to test your real-life home design ideas.
  • Career: Choose whether your Sim will become a successful lawyer or a doctor, or maybe he will write a Pulitzer prize novel. It's up to you to decide what will be his career path.
  • Socialize: Meet other Sims, throw birthday parties, invite your friends over and make your Sim's life as socially active as you wish.
  • Go out: Go to the gym, bars, nightclubs, theatre, parks, etc. to change the decorations a bit and see other Sims.

Game modes

The Sims Mobile is not so much different from its original PC version. Your goal is to create Sims and take care of their daily needs, help them to achieve their life goals, and be happy.

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