CastleVille Legends free for Android APK

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  • Developer Zynga
  • Version 2.2.196
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

CastleVille Legends is a strategy game in which the player is immersed in a magical and mythical world that is inhabited by Woodsmen, Wizards and Dragons. The player's goal is to make the realm flourish, trade with other players, rescue heroes and visit magical nearby places.


  • Game: the main character has to use all the necessary tools and items for the creation of his kingdom. After that, the player will visit some mythical sites and get in touch with other kingdoms to form alliances and expand the power. Along the creation of the Kingdom, the player is presented with different campaigns and challenges that add bonus points and elements.
  • Map: the extension of the Kingdoms is wide and includes several scenarios where the player can explore and create wealth, find rare treasures, search for ancient ruins or magical springs, this last can give restoration powers. The player can accumulate all and use its experience to trade and share with other players.
  • Sea trading: a modality added to the web version, CastleVille Legends enables the players to create alliances and trade with other online users in a new scenario situated in the sea.
  • Offline mode: the game is played in offline mode to later synchronize the improvement in online mode using all the saved changes.
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