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Looking for a simple to use video editor to produce professional-quality content? KineMaster may certainly fit your needs with its powerful tools that allow you to quickly edit your videos, add filters, effects and layers, and export them in various formats and resolutions including 4K. Open KineMaster, work easily, and get the job done in a few minutes.

What are the key features of KineMaster?

  • KineMaster is a very complete app, it includes lots of powerful editing tools that let you fine-tune your video.
  • It uses clever and useful editing tools, such as cut, paste, merge, split, etc. You can also invert images and crop them.
  • Adjust and correct the color of your clips.
  • Apply filters, transitions, animations, stickers, images, and many more to discover. Over 2500 free downloadable resources are available from the app.
  • Make your creation unique by adding songs, sound effects, or your own narration; you can also choose a custom theme.
  • Add text and captions to your videos.
  • Choose your video quality setting, including medium quality (useful to share it on WhatsApp), HD, or 4K.
  • You can create projects and download them if you want to edit them later.
  • Share your creations directly on social networks such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

How to install and use KineMaster on your PC?

KineMaster is primarily designed for mobile devices, so there is no native desktop version. Follow my lead and you will discover how easy it is to get the KineMaster PC version. How to do that? Just download and install the KineMaster APK on the Android emulator provided with the APK file. Make sure to read the installation instructions in the file bundle.

Then, if you want to create a video in KineMaster, just open the app, click on Create New, and choose the format, the display mode, and the shot duration. If you go to the Get Projects window, you can choose a list of themes to apply to your video. Just download your favorite one and import the clips you want to include in chronological order. Then, you can start trimming, stitching, and adding all kinds of effects and transitions. You can also include music and sound effects. Once you are satisfied, export and download the project to share it on social networks.

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How much does it cost?

KineMaster’s tools are completely free, but a watermark layer is added to your video. To remove the watermark and share your videos like a pro, you need to pay for the Premium subscription. Note that the paid version also removes the in-app ads. The price is $4.19/month or $25.19/year.

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