How To Set the Best Ubuntu Download Server

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Ubuntu uses hundreds of millions of servers worldwide to deliver updates to its global user base. When installing Ubuntu, the operating system will automatically choose a server based on your current location, saving you the trouble of choosing the server yourself. However, many times, the nearest server may not give you the quickest or most reliable access. In these cases, you can view and test your access to Ubuntu's other servers in order to benefit from the best connection possible.

Switching Ubuntu servers is actually quite simple, and this article will teach you how to do so.

Select the Best Download Server for Ubuntu Updates

Click the Settings icon > System Settings:

Next, head to System > Software & Updates:

Now, go to the Ubuntu Software tab. Click the Download from dropdown menu, and select Other:

Click Select Best Server. Ubuntu will now carry out a series of tests to identify the best server (based on your current location):

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