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I recently downloaded A free version of Linux XP operatins system, It works well except for installing new software downloads.

On occassions a flag will request activation, when I go to the control panel to activate it calls for a registeration number

Since this is a free download how do I get a registeration number, and will activation improve the installing of new software downloads?


Note: I am not using the pc in question for this discussion

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The biggest trouble with buying the key for LINUX XP is that their web site is so bad none of the buttons work so you cannot buy it go to help or even download it. I tried to buy and it just takes you back to the same page. Does anyone else have any secrets on how to purchase this OS??
linux xp is a non free distribution of linux
and you have to buy a key for it at the cost of 9USD
That is a version that you have to buy, it is not linux xp's software, you torrent downloaded that. I'm Sorry, but you will have to re downloaded a better version, i don't know where to get one yet...