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Sims 3 - Cheat codes

Sims 3 is a real life simulation video game developed in the Sims Studio and published by Electronic Arts (EA). You can develop a million of Sims, nurture them, and control their actions and lives. Create Sims, involve them in virtual relationships and make them live in life-like situations. Here is a list of cheat codes overcome difficult situations in the video game.

Open the cheat console: Shift + Ctrl + C and type of the below codes (case sensitive) :

constrainFloorElevation [false]
This code allows you to raise or lower the floor, even when there are objects and walls present.

disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on]
Move objects without using the grid, by pressing ALT.

fadeObjects [off]
Add a blur effect when the camera zooms in.

familyfunds [name] #
Adds or removes Simoleons to a family.

fps [on]
Displays the number of frames per second in the top right of your screen. Enter fps [off] to cancel this function.

fullscreen [on]
Switch to full screen. Enter fullscreen [off] to switch to windowed mode.

Overview of all cheats in the game

hideHeadlineEffects [on]
Hide thoughts bubbles of Sims. Enter hideHeadlineEffects [off] to cancel this function.

A random joke appears in the cheat codes window.

+ 1 000 Simoleons.

+ 50 000 Simoleons.

MoveObjects it
Move all the Sims and all objects freely. Enter moveobjects off to cancel this function.

resetSim [surname] [name]
Your Sim will be reset to a safe place.

slowMotionViz [0 to 8]
Increases the delay of all events does not affect over time (0 = normal speed, slow speed = 8).

testingCheatsEnabled true
Can increase or reduce the need to change career by clicking on the mailbox, and many other things. Enter testingCheatsEnabled false to cancel this function.

unlockOutfits [on]
Cheat code to use when you create a Sim. You get all the clothes in the game. Enter unlockOutfits [off] to disable this function.

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