Parts inside your printer are at the end of their life

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Long and continuous use of the same printers over a period of time causes the printers to isplay messages which remind the user about parts of the printer that are about to expire. This, however, is not always true. This expiry message is a result of printer software designed to block printing after a certain number of pages have been printed. There is software available that can help override this restriction by successfully reassigning the page counter to its initial seed value. As a result of this, printing can resume without any error messages.


Before you resign yourself to buying a new printer, try these tips to prolong the life of your current one.


The printer is set to display that message after printing a certain number of pages. The number of pages depends on the exact model you are using. This means the message you are seeing is not caused by faulty equipment - it is a response to having used it a set number of times.

To get around this problem follow these steps to reset the printer's in-built counter to 0:
  • Download the free SCC service utility here.
  • Then click on sscservve.exe to set it up
  • When you close this program, a printer icon should appear on you taskbar.
  • Right click on the printer icon and select Protection counter
  • Select Show current value
    • This should show you information on the number of pages printed and the maximum value
  • If the Current value is greater than the Maximum value, this indicates that the problem is due to the number of pages already printed
  • In this case, go to Protection counter > Reset protection counter > Clear Counter overflow
  • The current value should be reset to 0
  • Restart your PC and your problem should be solved
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