How to install a GenX driver: Windows 10, without CD

How to install a GenX driver: Windows 10, without CD

The scanner is an external hardware electronic device, connected with cables to the PC enabling users to scan data files. When you buy a GenX scanner, an installation CD comes preloaded with the device drivers through the installation interface software.

The CD can be inserted into the disk drive of your PC and the drivers get installed with the most often used features of the scanner; customisable features are also available if you wish to perform additional tasks. In case the installation CD is lost, it can be downloaded from the product website where you can also find an installation manual and hardware description manual to help you out.

To Install a GenX Scanner without the CD:

  • Without the CD you must download the driver to install it; use the link below to get the driver:

  • Once you have downloaded the driver, you can install it and update your drivers accordingly.
  • If you were having problems with your scanner, they should now be resolved. If not, contact the manufacturer.
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