Installing ncurses-devel on Ubuntu 9.4

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Installation of Ncurses-devel is important if applications that uses ncurses needs to be developed.In computers based on Linux Ubuntu 9.4,the users can take the benefit of this package.Ncurses-devel can be activated in this operating system by installing it.For this,the terminal on the OS has to be opened and there are dedicated keyboard shortcut keys to carry out this process.With the help of command-line interface,the Ubuntu 9.4 can be equipped with the package Ncurses-devel .


I am looking for a way to install nurses-devel on Ubuntu 9.4.


Follow these easy steps:
  • Open terminal (Gnome) or Konsole (KDE)
  • Copy and paste this command:

sudo apt-get install ncurses-dev

sudo aptitude install libncurses5-dev

You will be asked to enter your password before the installation, which will be done automatically.

Note: To open the terminal on Ubuntu press ALT+F2 then type:

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