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I am using Firefox on Windows Vista. When I click on a link from within my credit union's site, I get this message:
Connection has timed out. The server at is taking too long to respond.

I double-checked to see that Direct internet connection was checked, and it was.

Anybody that can help me please do asap, as I need to pay my bills!

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I had the same problem with a website I was visiting and finally found what seems like a fix. heres how I did it.

1) go to tools and click options

2) click on the advanced button and then click the network tab

3) then under connections click settings

4) click auto-detect proxy settings for this network.

hope this works for you as it worked for me.
Thank you Botched!
I am sipan.plz help me
mera firfox me kuch site open nahi horaha he
I have tried your suggestion Botched but still experiencing the same problem

Wow...thanks Botched! Worked like a charm!
Its not working for me either...................
Any Alternative Solutions...................plz hepl..............
i used to use firefox mozolla and liked it but it suddely stared timing out everytime I used it. I tried rinstalling it but had the same problem. that was months ago. so I thought I wold try again it times out on the installatin now. can you tell me why and can I ever use it again?
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I have firefox. Works fine for every website I want to go to, except for the one I need to go to for my emails. IE7 doesn't go to this one site either. Tried all of the above plus a lot of other things. Anyone got any ideas?

The connection problem may be due to a corrupt Winsock2 file. To resolve it, do the following:

Open a command prompt and type: netsh winsock reset and then hit Enter.

The command is documented @
well I have a lot of those and was alsowonderingif I could get any help
Yeah I've tried that too. I uninstalled firefox and reinstalled the 3.0 version, and I still can't connect to that one site that I want to. I think it's something to do more with the network connection or other configure, but I really don't know what to do exactly for it. If anyone knows, please contact me.
My internet provider said to disconnect the power and two cables from the back of my router. Let it stand for at least one minute, then reconnect.

This worked like a charm. Hope it helps you guys.
recently I have encountered a strange problem on Vista.
firefox suddenly cant connect to the internet while IE 7 can!
Badly needed help
I have Windows XP. Recently the 3.0.1 update for Firefox downloaded and installed. After that Firefox couldn't see any website. But IE works fine.

I removed FireFox and reinstall just 3.0 and everything works fine again.

I am actually having a similar problem with ITunes. It cannot connect to the internet/find the store. I am starting to wondering what was in the last patch from Microsoft. My "automatic updates" are turned on.
> Angelaw
I have similar issues wit Firefox & iTunes on Vista, with an additional problem with AVG updates. Again, IE 7 connects fine to any site, Firefox to none.
I have tried upgrading to Firefox 3 to no avail (admittedlt did not uninstall first). I have tried all as an admin, with the Windows firewall off.
Have you discovered a fix yet?
I'm beginning to agree woith you on the possiblility of this being tied to an MS update.
> Magpie
Thanks for this advice. I followed your advice and used to the tool to remove all norton/symamtec products and my internet started working immediately.

I don't what crappy software norton can they shut off everything on your desktop when you uninstall their product.!!!
i have the same problem.. but with a video game I like to play called Socom Combined Assault, I think there's something wrong with my ethernet cable or something, I don't know..
after my research on web, it seems to be an internal Firefox 3.01 method of opening ssl web sites! if the SSL certification has been timed out,then this ver of Firefox will not allow you to open the web site
as matter of fact the honey Firefox use this disgusting method to make web more safer to us!!!
i have no idia how to do it ok
please to me in my site, the server at is taking too long to respond

Have doing this?????
Just go to file option and off the Work offline mode....
If it already off then I can't do it for you...
Thank you...
heyy tahnkss a loadssss.........

my flash gaminf start workin thanks thanks thanks....
I had a problem where IE could connect to the Internet, but all other apps (Firefox, iTunes store, AVG virus update) could not.
Looks like after uninstalling Symantec trial AV (came with PC) using Add/Remove programs/Norton uninstaller traces were left behind casuing the problem. There is an uninstaller on the Symantec website that seems to do a better job. After running this and rebooting all is OK.

Hope this helps.
i think that has abosultey nothing to do with this topic.... internet security is 1 thing but thisa is firefox and its a setting issue
> falcon
This is definitely a valid suggestion- everyone should try disabling/uninstalling security software
I have posted some possible solutions to this problem here:
the norton removal kit worked!! now both itunes and firefox can access the internet.
how did you use the Norton's removal tool?
I'm having the same problem. I've only recently started using firefox, but it seems to have been going on for years.
Your Internet Service Provider is the fault of that error. Contact customer service one you pay your internet service to
i would suggest getting a brand new modem from your ISP...ive been pulling my hair out trying to fix this error for days, and finally resorted to getting another modem ...and I soon as I did my connection has been perfect!!
Worked for me too. Thanks!
Botched thaaaaaanx , it worked
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The site's server may have been too busy to respond at ur need at this time.. Its not a problem from ur computer :) relax
Woot, that worked! thx