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The Best Animal Crossing Dream Address Codes

The latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update allows you to activate dreams - one of the highlights of the latest update. With dreams you can travel to other player’s islands. Besides just exploring your friend’s islands, there is a whole universe of islands to discover. In this article we will show you the best codes to enter the most spectacular islands from the game.

Before You Start

You can find out what was added in the latest update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, such as exploring other islands when you start dreaming. In this article we have compiled a selection of incredible islands that you can visit through 'dream' mode.

Note:Remember that in order to redeem these codes, you must have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online and lie down in the bed inside your house. Once you are ready, select dream and enter one of the following codes.

Best Dream Address Codes

Here is all of the necessary information to access some of the most sensational islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

  • The name of the island
  • The user who created it
  • The code you need to enter

  • Sakai Island by Yuu. Code: 6752-2090-2824 . On this island you can enjoy an air of mystery that few islands manage to achieve. You will find several hidden surprises scattered around!

  • Ama Island, by Anko. Code: 1497-1926-1474 . Ama Island is inspired by the circus and combines exotic colors with fossils, which the creator uses for his constructions, giving the island a unique atmosphere.

  • Konpei Island, by M. Code: 8369-6250-9194 . This island might well have been called “the White Island” because of all of the white starts dotted around. The creator has managed to combine a feeling of desolation with fascination. Don’t forget to make the most of the colorful or white clothes to take some unforgettable photos on this special island.

  • Makoi Island, by Denim 2. Code: 3258-5626-9286 . This is one of our favorite islands from the creator of the flattened Earth. This island conveys nature through its use of dark tones. This island has been visited by more than a 1000 people since dreams were added.

  • Aika Island by Garrak. Code: 1182-7179-4326. The creator of the Aika Village is back with a bang with a new and improved version of Aika Island. In this version you will find an exciting setting surrounded by an intriguing story. To get an idea of just how popular this island is, a Tweet about this island has over 20000 likes.

  • Toaru Island, by Mutsumi. Code: 7307-4315-1221. On this island, Mutsumi unleashes all his creativity and makes the most of the tools to customize the island’s design, achieving a unique and romantic look, reminiscent of a scene from a fantasy movie with its blue atmosphere.

  • Client Island, by Mizuame. Code: 5925-5978-1036 . This island has been inspired by the cosy feeling of reading a good book in autumn.

  • Sweetberry Island, by Emi. Code: 8371-2842-5566 . Welcome to one of the most beautiful and pinkest islands in the entire game, which could well have been called 'Happiness Island'. In this magical place you will find the true essence of a dream, with the landscape full of candies, sweets and a Caribbean air that fits perfectly.

  • Hitokui Island, from Sol. Code: 4088-8875-3480 . The name of this island is translated as “cannibalism”." Here you will find a place full of creepy details and in the main house you will be able to access a chilling world full of terrifying talismans.

  • Étoile Island, by Chocolate. Code: 6868-6835-1227 . In the midst of a summer setting and with its own evening light, Étoile Island attracts a lot of attention because it is decorated from the highest to the lowest. Get ready because this island deserves more time on average than the others, don't say we didn't warn you!


The above selection is fairly balanced and diverse, designed for you to enjoy yourselves whatever your personal tastes. However, there are some islands that we couldn't leave out due to their originality.

  • Demon island (code 0520-1175-1035), inspired by a horror story in the purest Japanese style

  • Geppe island (code 9944-7456.1389), with a rustic and realistic atmosphere

  • Ride-On Island (5316-9407-3632), which mixes Asian and Western styles

  • Gnostic island (code 6763-3355-2521), which combines silence, rain and the darkness of night

  • Silenthill island (0167-0836-7272), inspired by the world of zombies from the famous video game of the same name.


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