Animal Crossing events in fall 2023

Animal Crossing events in fall 2023

Autumn has come to ACNH and brought with it many traditional seasonal events, including the Grape Harvest Festival, Halloween and Turkey Day. Read on to learn about these and other fall 2023 events.

Two Animal Crossing-themed Switch Lites release in October 2023

Nintendo has announced the release of two special editions of the Switch Lite with Animal-themed designs: teal Timmy and Tommy's Aloha Edition, and a coral Isabelle's Aloha Edition. Both consoles come with a digital copy of New Horizons and both consoles feature leaves on the back in the style of the game. The Timmy and Tommy's Aloha Edition will not be sold through the official Nintendo channel and will only be available exclusively at Walmart, and the Isabelle's Aloha Edition available for purchase online for $199,99 through Target.

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September events in Animal Crossing

There are four seasonal events in September 2023. During the whole month, from September 1 to 30, the Grape Harvest Festival will take place, during which you can purchase Grape-Harvest Basket from Nook's Cranny. On September 12-21 Animal Crossing community will celebrate the Moon-Viewing Day Festival, with offers like Moon Rug, Moon Cakes, Dango. On the same dates the Chuseok will take place, and Songpyeon will be available in the store.

What are October events in Animal Crossing?

Traditionally, the central event of October will be Halloween on October 31st. To prepare well for this spooky holiday, you can grow pumpkins to make scary heads and other Halloween items. On October 14th, a fishing tournament usually takes place in both hemispheres. From the 1st to 10th of September, the Cherry Blossom Season will come to the Southern Hemisphere. 

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Are there any events in November?

The Bug-Off will take place in the southern hemisphere on November 18th. You will be able to sell your bugs to Flick for higher prices than Nook's Cranny. And on November 23, Turkey Day will take place in both hemispheres. This delicious feast will open with a conversation with Franklin outside Resident Services.

Special events don’t end here! There are still plenty of them to enjoy - check our announcements!