Tips and cheats for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Tips and cheats for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can craft tools and comforts, hunt insects, decorate their paradise or enjoy a sunset on the beach. In this article, we present some tricks and cheats, so read on!

How to unlock golden tools?

To unlock the following list of golden tools, you need to complete the corresponding tasks:

  • Golden Axe: Break 100 of any axe type.
  • Golden Net: Donate all bugs to the museum.
  • Golden Rod: Donate all fish to the museum.
  • Golden Shovel: Rescue Gulliver 30 times.
  • Golden Slingshot: Shoot down over 300 balloons to enable a gold balloon to spawn. Pop the gold balloon to get the recipe inside.
  • Golden Watering Can: Get a five-star Island Evaluation.

How to take advantage of time-traveling?

An increasingly popular cheat in the Animal Crossing series is time traveling. Time-traveling in New Horizons can be beneficial for a number of reasons, not only can players restock their island with important new resources, fossils, etc, but they can also fast forward construction time on buildings and other features on the island. If done correctly, time-traveling can advance a players’ island progress by a day once daily tasks have been completed.

Since the game runs on the Nintendo Switch’s internal clock, you can change the time and date on the internal settings of the console whenever you’re not playing the game. This will allow you to fast forward or rewind the date and time as you wish.

What are some secret tips and tricks?

  • Earn extra money from rocks: This is only one of the many tips on how to make money faster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. One rock a day will be loaded with bells instead of minerals which when hit repeatedly, will generate more money. Each rock can be hit up to 8 times, just be sure to dig holes behind you before you hit so that your character doesn’t get knocked back each time.
  • Grow money trees: Every day on your island, there is one glowing hole to be found. If you dig up said hole with a shovel you will automatically receive 1,000 bells but if you replant the bells (or any amount of bells) in the same glowing hole, a money tree will grow in its place. The return on the money tree is 3 bags of bells, so definitely worth the investment. Note each money tree can only produce bells once.
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  • Craft faster: When crafting a recipe and at the stage where the ingredients are tossed around, press the A button repeatedly to speed up the process.
  • Fishing in the rain: Fishing can be hard at the best of times, but especially so if you’re trying to make money. To increase your chances, you should always go fishing in the rain, as sometimes, during the rain, you’ll find the rarest species worth up to 15,000 bells!
  • Wishing upon a shooting star: If you happen to see a shooting star, tilt your camera, ensure you have nothing in your hands, and quickly press the A button to wish on it. The fragments will wash up on the beach the next day.
  • Shaking trees: This has been a key feature since the beginning of Animal Crossing; however, a little-known fact is that you can harvest the wood gathered from tree branches which are then essential for crafting. Shaking the trees will produce an infinite amount of branches (ergo, resources for you), but make sure there is nothing on the ground to get in the way of falling branches.
  • Wasp nests: Sometimes pesky wasps nests appear overnight. Instead of the usual cures to rid yourself of them, shake the tree and release a party popper. This will instantly get rid of the nest.

Keep in mind that you don't need a Nintendo Switch to enjoy the game - there is also a version available for smartphones called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

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