New Animal Crossing game on Switch 2: release, rumors

New Animal Crossing game on Switch 2: release, rumors

There have been rumors lately about the upcoming release of the Switch 2 console and the development of a completely new Animal Crossing game. Here we have collected all the information currently available about the new Nintendo console and a possible release of the new game, awaiting official information from their creators.

When will Nintendo Switch 2 come out?

The competition between the most popular consoles is becoming increasingly intense, and Nintendo is preparing for a big leap. As Eurogamer reports, at the recent gamescom 2023 fair in Cologne, Nintendo showed its partners behind closed doors the new Switch 2 console in action. In particular, it allegedly demonstrated a more advanced technical demo of Switch Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We emphasize that there is no official information about this closed presentation from Nintendo itself, but practically no one in the industry has any doubts that the new console will be released somewhere in the second half of 2024, if not earlier.

There are rumors that the new console will have an LCD screen instead of OLED, but on the other hand there will be a significantly increased memory required by newer games on par with the latest PlayStation and Xbox games. Like the previous model, this will also work in portable mode and will also have a slot for cartridges. There are also speculations about equipping the future console with a camera... As for games, a lot of them are expected, including new ones, such as, for example, Princess Peach or a Final Fantasy 7 remake.

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Will there be an AC:NH update or a new Animal Crossing?

Since the release of Animal Crossing in 2001, this game has received a large and, most importantly, very loyal community, which today numbers more than 1,000 players. It would be logical for Nintendo not to lose this audience by continuing the Animal Crossing universe in one way or another. Therefore, in connection with the news about the release of the new console, speculation about possible work on a new version of the game could not help but arise.

However, in parallel with the speculations about the release of the new Animal Crossing, we could see some hints of a possible and unexpected update of the original game. These versions appeared in connection with the upcoming limited release of Switch Lite in October 2023 and were voiced in some Tweets, which were not officially confirmed. Perhaps we will learn something new and more specific at the presentation of the next Nintendo Direct event, which may take place in the very near future.

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