Animal Crossing: New Horizons update: 2023, New Year

Animal Crossing: New Horizons update: 2023, New Year

There has not yet been an official announcement of ACNH festive winter update, and fans are wondering what Nintendo has prepared for 2023 Christmas and New Year. Here we have collected all the available information about the winter update of the game, the New Year Eve Event and items.

Will there be a 2023 winter ACNH update?

Since Nintendo has held winter updates in the past two years, the creator of YouTube channel Mayor Mori believes that 2023 winter update will also happen, and that "it will likely be very soon"; it can be assumed that the possible incoming update could also address some glitches in the game. After all, a big update of the game has not been released since February of 2022, except for November 2022 fix of some bugs.

However, Nintendo itself has previously stated that it will no longer carry out major updates to the game. Well, sometimes it happens that plans change... At least, New Year Eve content appears usually starting on December 22, so it won't be long before we know what will happen.

ACNH New Year's Eve Countdown Event

Traditionally, the Nook Inc. holds countdown and organizes the New Year's Eve celebration on December 31st. According to AKRPG, 2023 New Year Eve Countdown event will begin at 5am on December 31st and continue until 4:59am on January 1st. Isabelle and Tom Nook will be offering the gifts and items in the square of Resident Services.  We should also expect new conversations with Isabelle.

The inhabitants of the village will gather in the square starting from 11:30 PM to watch the colorful fireworks.

© Nintendo

What items to expect?

And here we again rely on information from AKRPG, which, however, is quite consistent with the traditions of the game. Starting from 5 PM on December 31st to 4:49 AM on January 1st,  during the New Year Countdown Event, a free gift "Light Stick" from Isabelle will be available in the square. There will be also items for purchase from Tom Nook: Party Poppers, New Year's Hat, New Year's Silk Hats

However, even earlier, from December 26, the following NY Food items: Berliner, Olivier Salad, New Year's Noodles, Twelve-Grape Dish and Sparkling Cider.

© Nintendo

But that's not all: from January 1st until January 5th, New Year furniture can be on sale in Nook Shop, including Zodiac Rabbit Figurine, 500 Nook Miles, New Year's Shimekazari, Kagamimochi, Otoshidama Envelope and free of charge Mom's Art gift. 

Again, we want to repeat: all this is not yet official information, and we are looking forward to the announcement from Nintendo!

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