Summer in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a tradition of keeping players entertained by providing regular free updates. After offering a great number of items and events during the first half of 2021, the Nintendo Switch exclusivity is ready to introduce to fans the upcoming summer update. So if you want to find out what events and items you can expect in June, July, and August, then keep reading!


International Children’s day

From June 1st to June 15th, Animal Crossing: New Horizon players will get the chance to celebrate the International Children’s day. During this period, you will be able to purchase from the Special Goods of Nook Shopping a Handmade cap and a Handmade crown.

Dano and Dragon Boat Festivals

Between June 5th and June 14th a celebration of the Korean and Chinese lunar calendar holidays will be held. On this occasion, players will be able to purchase from the Special Good of Nook Shopping Surichwi Tteok and Festival Zongzi, both new items.

Euro 2020

The Euro 2020 championship arrives on Animal Crossing: New Horizons! You will be able to experience the excitement of the UEFA Euro 2020 (from June 11th to July 11th 2021) with your friends on this new, fan-made island of Calciopea where you can find various football-themed attractions:

  • Football fields for training
  • A stadium to watch the games from
  • The changing rooms of the teams
  • Photo stations to take souvenir photos of Calciopea
  • The Avenue of Nations
  • The Fan's Kit
  • ...and much more!

To visit this island, created by an Italy-based fan, enter the following code: DA-3661-5179-8255. To download the skins for the characters, inspired by the teams participating in Euro 2020, enter this code: MA-9623-4014-4315.

Put on your jersey, wave the flag, and support your favorite team! Find out all the details on Animal Crossing Life.

Summer/Winter Solstice

From June 15th to June 21st players located in the Northern Hemisphere will get to enjoy the Summer Solstice that will take place on their islands, while those who live in the Southern Hemisphere will be able to enjoy the Winter Solstice. Players will find four purchasable items: the Sunflower Rug and the Sunflower Crown (Northern Hemisphere) and Midwinter Sweater and the Aurora Wall (Southern Hemisphere).

Wedding Season

Celebrate in-game characters Reese and Cyrus wedding! This will be possible between June 1st and June 30th. In addition to last year’s Wedding season, some brand new items will be available to purchase. Those are set exclusively as a seasonal Nook Shopping event and include Nuptial Bell, Nuptial Door plate, Nuptial Ring Pillow, Flower-Petal Basket, Shiromuku, White Hakama With Crest, and Tsunokakushi.

Father’s day

From June 1st to June 30th a seasonal event dedicated to Father’s day will take place in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The celebration will come with a Thank-you Dad mug and a Thank-you Dad Apron. Aprons will be available in the following colors:



To celebrate the Japanese star festival holiday, Tanabata will come back to Animal Crossing: New Horizons again. The celebration will be held between July 1st to July 7th and players will be able to purchase the Bamboo grass.

Marine Day

In celebration of the Japanese holiday honoring the ocean a special event called Marine Day will be held between July 8th and July 22nd. A brand new item - Ship-Wheel Door Decoration - will be available to purchase from Special Goods from Nook Shopping.

Le 14 Juillet

The celebration of the French Revolution will come back to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in 2021. The event will take place from July 10th to July 20th and will feature a brand new purchasable item called Phrygian Cap. This item will be only available during the celebration period and comes in the following colors:


Cowboy Festival

In order to honor the Brazilian cowboy holiday tradition, the seasonal event called Cowboy Festival is returning to Animal Crossing: New Horizons from July 15th to August 15th. This will be the occasion for players to purchase the Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-on.
Images: Nintendo

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