Minecraft Legends: release date, gameplay, price

Minecraft Legends: release date, gameplay, price

Minecraft is now turning its attention to action and strategy with the latest release of Minecraft Legends, a new title from Mojang Studios. In this article we will take a deep dive into Minecraft Legends and give you some helpful tips before you begin the game.

What is the plot of Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends aims to immerse you in the past, during the Nether Pigmen invasion, a time when the Nether Portal was activated and the Pigmen managed to gain access to obsidian, letting them make their own Nether portals. During this game, your role will be to amass forces from across the world, including skeletons and creepers in order to fight against the armies of the underworld. This is Minecraft further exploring its lore. 

What is the release date of Minecraft Legends?

The release date of Minecraft Legends was April 18th, 2023. The game was released on all available game consoles from PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft Legends gameplay trailer

Is Minecraft Legends multiplayer?

You can enjoy Minecraft Legends with its single-player or co-op campaign for up to four players. There is also a PvP mode that has two teams of four competing against each other. There is no large scale multiplayer for the moment. 

Is Minecraft Legends on Xbox Game Pass? 

Minecraft Legends has followed in the footsteps of Minecraft and join Xbox Game Pass upon its release. It is a good way for Microsoft to encourage new subscribers to the service . Existing subscribers will be able to access the game straight away. 

Is Minecraft Legends free?

Minecraft Legends, like most things in life, is not free. You will have the choice between the Standard Edition for $39.99 USD or the Deluxe Edition for $49.99. The latter version includes the Deluxe Skin pack (which would otherwise cost $14.99 USD, so you save $5.) This pack contains one hero skin and four mount skins. 

Minecraft Legends: Tips and Tricks

In this section, we will look at some helpful tips and tricks that are useful to know before you start playing the game.

  • Golems. As a means of promoting exploration within Minecraft Legends there are giant golems that you can find. These are referred to as the First Golems, one of the Minecraft Mobs that appears in Minecraft. They are quite difficult to find as they blend into the piles of rubble. Whilst roaming the lands you will see question marks that appear on the map, these are clues to treasure chests, towers and also golems. You will want to attempt to revive one, after having built the Improvement: Wake The Firsts at the Well of Fate. Once you have revived a golem, they will follow you and fight alongside you.
  • Take your time. Don't be afraid to take your time with the game. It may feel that you need to follow all of the in games prompts in order to progress with the game, and if you don't, you've failed. This is not the case, there is plenty of exploring to be done alongside the quests. 
  • Time waits for no man. In Minecraft Legends, the single-player doesn't pause. As the game has a focus on co-op and PvP, the single player remains "online". You cannot pause the game to stop time in the game. 
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  • Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Unlike in other Minecraft games where mobs of Creepers, Zombies and Skeletons are your enemies, Minecraft Legends encourages you to work alongside them. They will become useful allies once you have saved their villages from Piglin hordes. Similarly, make the most of Allays. These are companions that will mine and build for you. Try and use as many as possible to save yourself time and increase your resources. 
  • Defence is the best form of defence. Throughout the world you will find defensive towers that you can unlock and use. You can also deconstruct them and install them wherever you want, as long as you have the necessary resources. 
  • Death, the infinite night. It isn't too much of a problem in Minecraft Legends, and can actually be tactical. When you die in Minecraft Legends, there is a ten second delay before being revived. If your forces have been overwhelmed by Piglin, then you can take one for the team and die, and then respawn at your nearest village or Wellhouse to regather your forces for another attack. 
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